Chicago Surgical Error Lawyer

Our Chicago surgical error attorneys know the prospect of a serious medical procedure can be scary. You place your trust in your surgical team when you’re at your most vulnerable.  

When something goes wrong during a surgical operation, the results can be catastrophic. Our Chicago personal injury attorney is also a licensed, practicing physician. We know there’s no room for mistakes during surgery.  

If you’ve been injured due to a surgical error that was negligently committed, you have legal rights—and JusticeRx can help you assert those rights. Contact us today in Chicago, IL, or call (312) 705 2863 to request a free consultation. We’ll conduct a thorough review of your medical malpractice case and answer all your questions. 

If You’re the Victim of a Surgical Error, JusticeRx Can Help  

If You’re the Victim of a Chicago, IL Surgical Error, JusticeRx Can Help  

Surgical errors are among the most serious medical errors. Despite all the advances in technology, surgery errors, misdiagnoses, and other mistakes continue to be made in the operating room. When a surgical team fails to perform its job according to the required legal standard, you shouldn’t have to bear the financial harm that comes with it. 

Hiring an attorney who has both legal and medical experience offers you a significant advantage if you were injured by a surgical error. Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyer brings both of these skills to the table.

When JusticeRx takes your surgical error case, you’re getting an accomplished law firm whose founding attorney is a:

  • Board-certified emergency medicine physician
  • Licensed physician in multiple states 
  • Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine
  • Member of the American Association for Justice
  • Member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association

Surgical errors that turn your life upside down require an advocate who understands the law and the science. If a surgical error in Chicago, Illinois, has made your physical condition worse, call JusticeRx for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll provide you with a unique perspective that most personal injury attorneys simply don’t have. 

Types and Causes of Surgical Errors  

Each year, 15 million people undergo a surgical procedure in the U.S. On average, 4,000 errors are made in the operating room per year. These errors can cause catastrophic injuries or even death.

The sheer number of surgeries each year presents ample opportunity for surgical errors. Every surgical procedure has some degree of risk, and not all surgical errors are necessarily medical malpractice. 

Some errors that could rise to the level of malpractice include:

  • Performing surgery on the wrong part of the patient’s body
  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Leaving foreign objects in the patient’s body
  • Injuring healthy organs during the operation
  • Improperly administering anesthesia

Some of these errors are referred to as “never events.” As the name implies, never events are medical errors that should never happen. They are identifiable, preventable, and have serious repercussions for the patient. While these kinds of errors are rare, they, unfortunately, do happen. 

Surgical errors occur for a variety of reasons. If the surgeon lacks proper training for the particular procedure, incompetence may be responsible for the error. Errors can also happen when the surgeon is fatigued, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or fails to communicate effectively with the patient’s other healthcare providers.

Whatever caused your surgical error, it’s important that you consult with an experienced attorney like ours at JusticeRx. We’ll get right to work investigating your claim and determining who was responsible for it. If it was due to negligence by the surgeon or other hospital staff, we’ll fight hard to recover the damages to which you’re entitled. 

How Long Do I Have To Sue for a Surgical Error?

One of the keys to getting full and fair compensation for injuries you sustained due to a surgical error is to assert your rights as quickly as you can. The significant passage of time can lead to faded memories and lost or damaged evidence that’s important to your claim. 

Additionally, the Illinois statute of limitations imposes strict deadlines by which you must file a medical malpractice lawsuit. You only have two years from the date of your injury to file a claim. However, if you didn’t discover the surgical error until long after the fact, you could have up to four years, depending on the case.

You may have an indisputable claim for medical malpractice, but if you do not file your lawsuit within the allowed time, your claim will be forever barred. By asserting your legal rights as soon as possible, JusticeRx can gather and secure key evidence of malpractice in your case. This way, we can effectively prepare your case for settlement or trial.

Call a Surgical Error Attorney To Learn More About Your Legal Rights and Options 

People go into their surgery hoping it will improve their underlying medical condition and enhance their quality of life. Surgical errors have the potential to not only make their physical condition worse but can also lead to death. 

If you’ve been harmed by a surgical error, getting fair compensation for your injuries is not an easy task. You should be able to concentrate on healing properly, not fighting with the insurance company and hoping they do the right thing. 

Rely on JusticeRx and our trusted Chicago surgical error attorney to advocate for you. We’ll work hard to hold the surgeon, hospital, and insurance company accountable for their negligence. Reach out to us today to schedule your free case assessment. We’ll answer all your questions and give you an honest evaluation of your claim.