Chicago Diagnosis Error Lawyer

Accurate diagnosis of a medical condition is critical to ensuring proper treatment.

Diagnosis errors can be costly. They not only compromise your physical well-being, but they may also require expensive treatment to undo the damaging effects of the error. You shouldn’t have to pay the financial price of someone else’s negligence.

If you were injured by a diagnosis error, JusticeRx is standing by to help you through this challenging time. We will work tirelessly to get you the justice you deserve. Contact our office today online or call (312) 705 2863 to schedule a free, no-risk case assessment to understand your rights and how to exercise them. 

How JusticeRx Can Help if You’ve Been Harmed by a Diagnosis Error

How JusticeRx Can Help if You’ve Been Harmed by a Diagnosis Error in Chicago, Illinois 

When a patient is suffering from a serious physical illness, their future depends on their healthcare providers getting their evaluation and assessment right the first time. We understand the tremendous damage a misdiagnosis can lead to.

Our founding partner is also a practicing, licensed physician. Blending a thorough understanding of personal injury law with our medical background, Justice Rx gives our clients the edge they need in getting fairly compensated in medical malpractice cases and catastrophic injury.

When you hire us to fight for you, we’ll carefully prepare your diagnosis error case by: 

  • Closely examining the facts and circumstances of the diagnosis error
  • Collaborating with top medical experts to help explain how the mistake happened
  • Identifying everyone whose negligence contributed to the error
  • Calculating your total damages
  • Handling all aspects of settlement negotiations from beginning to end

Insurance companies only care about their bottom line, not your physical and emotional health. JusticeRx levels the playing field by using our legal and medical skills to protect you against their efforts to limit your financial recovery or deny it entirely. Call our law firm in Chicago, Illinois to learn more about how we’ll go to the mat for you. 

How Do Diagnosis Errors Occur?  

A diagnosis error is defined as a failure to establish an accurate and timely explanation of a patient’s medical condition or failing to inform the patient of the explanation. Medical diagnosis errors are a serious problem. Every year, approximately a quarter million patients are victims of diagnostic errors, which contributes to tens of thousands of deaths annually.  

Aside from the severe harm diagnosis errors can cause patients, they’re also costly. The greatest percentage of medical malpractice claims are based on diagnosis mistakes. 

Some common causes of diagnosis errors include:

  • Inadequate communication between a patient’s healthcare providers
  • Inexperience or incompetent physicians
  • Failure to understand the patient’s complete medical history
  • Lack of access to necessary diagnostic equipment
  • Misreading or misinterpreting the results from labs, X-rays, and other tests

Cancer is perhaps one of the most misdiagnosed illnesses. The most common types of cancer that physicians fail to diagnose properly include colorectal, lung, and breast cancers. 

The difference between a proper diagnosis and a flawed diagnosis can be a matter of life and death. Successfully treating a serious health condition depends on getting the diagnosis right the first time so the appropriate medical treatment can be administered.   

If you’ve been the victim of a diagnosis error, you may have a claim for medical malpractice and the right to recover compensation for the harm it caused. Call JusticeRx to get a free consultation. We’ll assess your case and discuss your legal rights.

What Kinds of Damages Can I Recover for a Diagnosis Error?

Anytime someone is injured because of another party’s negligence, the victim is entitled to recover damages from the at-fault party. Cases of medical malpractice are no different.

Illinois law allows negligence victims to recover two main types of damages. Economic damages compensate the injured party for financial losses they incurred as a result of the negligence. This includes past and future medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and other tangible financial losses.

Non-economic damages encompass intangible injuries that are difficult to quantify. They may include pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and other non-pecuniary losses.

Proving that a diagnosis error harmed you is only half the battle. You also have to prove your damages. JusticeRx will leave no stone unturned, and we’ll make sure you leave no money on the table.

Contact a Diagnosis Error Attorney to Discuss Your Options 

Every day, millions of people rely on their healthcare providers to render accurate and timely diagnoses. Their course of treatment and well-being depend on it. When doctors fail to live up to the required standard of care, disaster can strike. 

Diagnosis errors can be difficult to detect. You need an experienced medical malpractice attorney who is also a licensed physician to help you understand what happened, how it happened, and what you can do about it.

Contact JusticeRx to schedule your free case evaluation. We’ll go through your medical records with you and get to the bottom of your diagnosis error. If we determine that it was medical malpractice, we’ll work tirelessly to get you the compensation you need and deserve. Contact us today!